Spring Is Roaring In

Spring Is Roaring In

May 04, 2021
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Spring is here, but don’t expect it to ease in gently. Snowfall, rain, even tornadoes have marked the change in seasons.

With more wet weather sure to follow, we can expect to see wet roads, storms, and even ice or hail damage.

No need for alarm, though! This is precisely why you have insurance. Here are some risks and how they are covered under a typical insurance policy.

  • Hydroplaning while driving - Wet roads are risky! If you skid into something, collision insurance will cover your car if it’s only you involved.
  • Wind damage on your roof - Lost some shingles to a gusty day? Wind is covered on your homeowners policy...even a tornado!
  • Hail is falling - Your homeowners policy will cover those golf balls of ice from the sky. For your car, it would be covered under full coverage plans.
  • Flooding - NOT COVERED unless you have a flood policy!

Your policy is designed to protect you from weather exactly like we are having now. If you have questions, just ask. We’re always here to help.